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Bts // Acoustic Session // "It's Alright Now"

    Well, Happy New Year my darlings! It's an honor to present to our a live acoustic session with some very talented and good friends of mine. We did a little number by Bombay Bicycle Club called "It's Alright Now".  We all adore this band & song, so we hope you do too.

Here's some backstory;

Ian Valiente  (who you'll see that I take portraits of pretty often) asked me if I wanted to do an acoustic session of this song. I immediately accepted and offered to even shoot it at my apartment. Then we signed on audio arts specialist, Mac Yellek—who gracefully brought all the sound recording equipment over and got down this track. Ian also brought on fellow band mate from Friday Pilots Club Ethan Mole, who played the Cajon & the wonderful and incredibly talented Kaitlin Henderson. 

I had this idea of having a light an airy atmosphere. So I thought, oh, paper cranes! One problem. I'm rubbish at making them, absolutely rubbish. That's when I called in Julia—JB for short. She's expert level at origami. She kindly flew these in for me and helped me prop them up on the stand to let them hang. Then we hung up some warm globe lights and placed the chairs on each side and there we had our acoustic corner. (I had to move all the furniture out of the living room and into the kitchen which was a total fire hazard but, anything for the sake of the arts, right?)

So since I had the couch in the kitchen, there was a one way path going on, so everyone had to shuffle around before I could even call "Action". I wish someone was recording us because now that I think of it, it must have looked like a line of duckings following their mother. Onwards, Mac was stationed on the kitchen island to the left of Camera 1 monitoring the sound levels. Camera 1 was set up in the only clear path we had to exit so, there's that. Julia was the human slate to sync all the sound up for post. And I ran around back and fourth with Camera 2 in hand getting the close ups. Together, I think we made a pretty good team, and we definitely had our fun with this one. (Hint: look at the credits reel)

This is a one take live session, so it sounds really raw and casual—which is what I love about it. I'm really humbled and happy by the way it's turned out, and I'm really proud of my wonderful and talented friends that came together to do this. This is one is for you guys.



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