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True, True, False.

Preface: Sometimes I write poetry, and sometimes I'm brave enough to share it with you. 

Let’s play a game,

he said, smirking that stupid smile,

through the glass,

I told him


I don’t drink,

I don’t smoke,

and I definitely don’t dance


Unless you ask me nicely..


I don’t lie,

I don’t cheat,

And I really don’t cry


Unless it’s over you, and how we’re through


I don’t sleep,

I don’t drink coffee,

and I’m always wide awake


Unless you ask me out for tea


I don’t think I’m lucky,

I don’t think I’m too great,

And I try only to fall over and over


Unless you tell me I’m not all of these thoughts


It’s true, It’s honest,

I don’t, I don’t I don’t,

but the little that i do, I do because of you.