Suave Fox Films



Work in Progress

As an artist, there is this expectation for you to constantly be growing, solving — changing just to keep up. And that's true, you always have to be chasing something. Grounding your ideas or running around them in circles. Art is confusing, but the biggest thing to remember about creating art is that it is a process.

Creating the actual is where you learn everything about yourself, the medium, and the progression of developing that piece or time. In retrospect, creating past piece and how your old piece compare to your new ones. You should be able to see an improvement. I know I see it when I look at my photos that I'm doing now and when I first picked up a camera years go.

So, I'm a work in progress. Always creating, always doing, always running after something. Some crazy idea that I just have to ground—and this is my space to show you. It's more like a timeline, the further back you read, the more you'll see that this was just the starting point.

And there is so much more.